Have you ever thought «I wish life came with a manual»?

Well, that’s what a strategy is for.

Our strategic courses in Healing & Mastery is expertly designed to have you moving purposefully and efficiently forward on your journey of enlightenment. 

All healing and human mastery, therefore, rests on the ability to practice sovereignty in three areas. 

Grounded in science and ancient wisdom, our teachings provide an extensive insight into the easily acquired skills that can enable you to master your experience and heal your life.

"This will save you lifetimes of searching for "the Way."

- Elizabeth A Wilson


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Our step-by-step tutorials are developed from over twenty years of studies and client experience and incorporates ancient teachings coupled with modern techniques that are built on our innovative, industry-hailed philosophical model of Human Consciousness.

Our Teachers

Elizabeth A Wilson & Sylvia R Swann

Philosopher, Life Strategist & Founder of KSH

Elizabeth A Wilson

Binding the metaphysical, emotional and cerebral energy fields together in her industry acclaimed teachings, Elizabeth directs the willing student from SEEKING into BEING. As such she is a sought-after personal coach for students of life claiming practical world mastery, devotion and surrender. Through easy-to-digest metaphysics, mysticism and laws of mind, the comprehension of which can initiate profound healing, Elizabeth uses energy attunements to guide her students' consciousness and ignite quantum leaps of awareness. "Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Aha!" is the most commonly heard student feedback. Elizabeth is now based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom where she lives a life of rich love with her daughters, husband and parents.

Author, Philosopher & Founder of KSH

Sylvia R Swann

Sylvia R Swann is a cousin of St Dorothy Kerin and Co-Founder of Kerin School of Healing. Once a TV Director & Producer Sylvia now works with Elizabeth in intuitive collaborations on books, workshops, courses and media production. As a Reiki Master Teacher her lineage is 9th generation from Dr. Usui. Sylvia can be found by the fjord outside of Oslo, Norway where she lives with her husband Amund and two young children, Peter and Sanna.

What's your flavour?

Our online courses are relaxing, multisensory journeys through layers of awareness and the inner landscape. Enjoy rich story-telling, revealing thought experiments and deep guided meditations to release your limitations and cultivate your personal mastery.

Our private coaching courses are intensive training in philosophical perspectives on life, energy tools for optimal living, and the use of essential oils for managing your realms of molecule, vibration and consciousness.

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